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Our Story. 


LA LUNA Cornwall is a small independent business which has grown from a passion for natural sustainable materials and considered buying.
We hand craft our candles in small batches using only eco-friendly vegetable wax infused with either pure essential oils or premium fragrance oils. The oils are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate & paraben free. 
You will find LA LUNA stocked in over 20 independent boutiques and stores in the UK. We are proud to work with some truly fabulous stockists. 


Sustainability is everything to us at LA LUNA, it’s not just a marketing ploy, we genuinely care about the environment,  what happens to it and how we leave it for future generations. 
Here are some of the things we do:
All of our materials and packaging can either biodegrade or be recycled. We don't use plastic in the manufacture or shipping of our products. So much plastic sadly doesn't get recycled at all so we avoid its use altogether.

We make our candles using soy wax which is harvested from the renewable crop of the soya-bean plant. (Our wax is not sourced from South America) It is completely natural, free from GM materials, biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free.

Candle boxes, card and paper materials are made from recycled card stock, fruit pulp and even potato starch! We leave postal boxes unbranded so that they can be reused and we reuse packaging from other businesses - nothing goes to waste. 
In addition, we are also proud to offer a refill service to encourage the circular lifecycle of our glass jars. 

We also use local suppliers so when you support us we in turn support other small businesses.


Candle making, contrary to popular belief, is a challenging art to master. It takes years of practice to learn to work with wax, to develop scent and ‘wicking’ is a whole other discipline in itself. 

We purposefully make our candles in small batches to allow for the most accuracy in temperature control, blending and pouring. It is important to us that a candle should burn correctly; no mushrooming, no tunnelling, no soot and optimum hot throw and longevity. Our candles are cured for a minimum of two weeks to allow the wax to crystalise and properly bind with the fragrance. 

It is well understood that scent is a personal experience and it can sometimes be hard to choose, especially when ordering online. To help, we offer scent test swatches of our range, just pop a note in with your order and let us know which scents you would like to try. 


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